Kick off the new semester with an exciting 4-part leadership series!

Meet each Tuesday evening in February at 9pm EST on Zoom.

  • Tips for Your Social Media and Ministry - Yoshie Manaka, social media manager at Family Fed, will give you the inside scoop on how to make social media work for you and your ministry

    • Watch the recording here!

  • Building Your Tribe; Sharing Your Faith - Josh Holmes from CARP LA will share practical tips and experiences on understanding tribal messiahship as a young Unificationist.


  • Passing the Baton in Ministry Leadership - CARP’s Program Coordinator, Jinil Fleischman, will share tips and strategies for empowering successful successorship.

  • Connecting to True Mother’s Leadership - BFM Director, Crescentia DeGoede will share her experiences and insights connecting to Mother’s heart and style of leadership.

    • Watch the recording here!